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Campagnolo Chorus 12 Speed Left Hand Hydraulic Shifter with Caliper - 160mm - Rear;
Chorus 12x Hydraulic Ergos and Calipers New 12x Chorus Hydraulic Ergo levers and disc calipers for use with the disc brake groupset. These are now be supplied pre-filled with hydraulic fluid. Campagnolo's fantastic ergonomics, that over the years have become a sort of calling card, have been even further improved with the latest introduction of the new 12-speed transmissions. the new shifters are not just ergonomic but also customisable, this new standard is embodied in the design of the Chorus levers. Apart from the aluminium brake lever with a coating that enhances its finish and feel the Chorus Ergopowers are almost identical to those on the Super Record and Record controls. The new design of the new components makes them unique and versatile, with redesigned brake lever hoods, brake lever and bigger shift levers, together with the new Ergopower control “reach” that can be adjusted to suit hands of different sizes. Campagnolo’s tried and tested one-lever-one-action philosophy prevents unintentional shifts, even during tense competition or due to tiredness. The internal Ultra-Shift mechanism controls the 12-speed rear derailleur, letting the rider shift up by up to 3 sprockets and down by up to 5 sprockets in a single movement. Chorus controls deliver the same extremely durable, soft shifting performance of the other 12-speed groupsets thanks to new cables and their housings. Technologies: Reach Adjustment: The brake lever can be adjusted by up to 16 mm to adapt to hands of different sizes and fingers of different lengths. ULI (Upshifting Lever Integration) Technology: More space under the control body when gripping the Ergopower control. Vari-Cushion Technology: Ergonomic silicone cushioning. One lever One action: One lever for each action, eliminating the risk of accidentally using another control. Ultra-Shift mechanism: This enables multiple shifting (upshifting up to 3 sprockets at a time and downshifting up to 5). Features and Benefits: Comfortable support: The controls offer good, safe grip when standing pedaling or when leaning high on the handlebars. Quick shifting: When the chain engages immediately, the front and rear derailleurs can be actioned with minimum effort and in any position on the handlebars. Multishifting: An unexpected climb, a sudden sprint: instantly finding the right combination takes no time at all thanks to the multiple action guaranteed by Ultra-Shift technology. Ergonomics: Shaped cushioning and an adjustable reach make these controls perfect for any cyclist, regardless of hand or finger size. Weight: 503g per pair (sold individually)